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Who is  a Christian ?

Who is a Christian in this Christian land
Of many churches and of lofty spires?
Not he who sits in soft upholstered pews
Bought by the profits of unholy greed,
And looks devotion, while he thinks of gain.
Not he who sends petitions from the lips
That lie to-morrow in the street and mart.
Not he who fattens on another's toil,
And flings his unearned riches to the poor,
Or aids the heathen with a lessened wage,
And builds cathedrals with an increased rent.

Christ, with Thy great, sweet, simple creed of love,
How must Thou weary of Earth's 'Christian' clans,
Who preach salvation through Thy saving blood
While planning slaughter of their fellow men.

Who is a Christian? It is one whose life
Is built on love, on kindness and on faith;
Who holds his brother as his other self;
Who toils for justice, equity and PEACE,
And hides no aim or purpose in his heart
That will not chord with universal good.

Though he be pagan, heretic or Jew,
That man is Christian and beloved of Christ

- Ella Wheeler Wilcox


Ella Wheeler Wilcox

by Audrey Glover


This article was published in Rays From The Rose Cross, the Rosicrucian Fellowship Magazine in July, 1959 and describes the unforgetable meeting between Ella Wheeler Wilcox and Max Heindel .

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 by Ruth Winocur

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by Ruth Winocur

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by Ruth Winocur

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From  Elsa Glover's Writings



Picture by   Frater Velado

Veteran Rosicrucian Fellow Elsa M. Glover, Ph.D ,  has passed to the Superior Cosmic Planes at 26 th of June, 2003..

Elsa M. Glover graduated from the University of Rochester with a bachelor of science degree in physics and went on to study at Purdue University. She graduated from Purdue with both a master's degree and a Ph.D. in physics, and she was a professor of physics at Stillman College. Ms. Glover had also studied scientific astrology and Christian mysticism for many years. The author wrote and lectured widely on such subjects as science and religion, astrodiagnosis and Aquarian conflict resolution.



( From RAYS FROM THE ROSE CROSS - Jul-Aug 2003)  


Promoting Spiritual Development

( From RAYS FROM THE ROSE CROSS - Mar-Apr 2003)  


What a Natal Horoscope Doesn’t Show

( From RAYS FROM THE ROSE CROSS -Jul-Aug 2003)  


Aquarian Conflict Resolution

From  "The  Aquarian Age " by Elsa Glover


The Road  to True Community

( From RAYS FROM THE ROSE CROSS - March-April 1990)

Spanish Version - Trad. : Jorge Rey

 El Camino hacia la Verdadera Comunidad


Excerpts of her writings are also available in the following website:

CONNECTIONS - Poetry & Essays by Elsa Glover




From Max Heindel's Writings


Max Heindel (1865 -1919)

Picture by  Frater Velado


Christian Rosenkreuz and the Order of Rosicrucians

The Symbolism of the Rose Cross

The Aquarian Age and the Second Advent by Max Heindel


Aphorisms from Max Heindel Writings

The Star of Bethlehem : A Mystic Fact

The Astronomical Allegories of the Bible


Spiritual Sight and Insight


 The Work of the Rosicrucian Fellowship







From Corinne Heline's Writings







One of the most advanced disciples of Max Heindel and founder of The New Age Bible & Philosophy Center.





All  Mystery Orders are formed on cosmic lines; thus the thirteen Initiations correspond to the twelve constellations and their spiritual head of the zodiac; also their planetary rulers, some of which remain to be discovered. It is interesting to speculate that in the Greek Zodiac the Pleiades were considered to be a thirteenth consttellation until a late date. The great Christian type of the Mystery School is that of the Christ ,with His twelve Apostles. The Rosicrucian Order is also compos:ted of twelve Brothers and an esoteric thirteenth, the revered Founder, symbolically designated Christian Rose Cross after the work he came to do for the world.

This is the first Part of Chapter XII from Corinne Heline's book "OCCULT ANATOMY AND THE BIBLE" published by New Age Bible & Philosophy Center, 1139 Lincoln Boulevard , Santa Monica, CA, 90403. Her complete works are available through this Esoteric Center.

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The Seven Jewels and the Seven Stages of Initiation

by Corinne Heline

From   Corinne Heline's book  "OCCULT ANATOMY AND THE BIBLE", Chapter XII , in pdf file.




 Rays from the Rose Cross

a Christian Esoteric Magazine, established by Max Heindel in June, 1913 and issued by The Rosicrucian Fellowship.

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 The Prayers of St. Francis of Assisi


 Saint Francis of Assisi has been revered for centuries for his simple message of love, joy, and peace, and for his commitment to the least fortunate of God's creatures. But Francis did not always lead such an exemplary life. Born into a wealthy Italian family, Francis spent his youth primarily pursuing leisure activities and entertainment. But after God spoke to him in a ruined church, Francis renounced his wealth and became a traveling preacher, owning nothing and begging for food. Through his work with the poor and the sick, Francis was transformed into a caring man who put God at the center of his life.

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Two Prayers for Alchemists

by Karl von Eckartshausen (1752-1803)

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The Winged Self

It's Purpose & Symbology


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About  Max  Heindel  and The  Rosicrucian  Fellowship


by Ger Westenberg

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The Golden Rule



The Golden Rule or the ethic of reciprocity is found in the scriptures of nearly every religion. It is often regarded as the most concise and general principle of ethics. It is a condensation in one principle of all longer lists of ordinances such as the Decalogue.

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Rosicrucian Letters



Divine Wisdom

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The  Aurora of the  Philosophers


by Paracelsus

Paracelsus - Picture by JAKnnap,  from The Secret Teachings of All Ages by MPH, PRS

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Paracelsus his Aurora, & Treasure of the Philosophers. As also The Water-Stone of The Wise Men; Describing the matter of, and manner how to attain the universal Tincture. Faithfully Englished. And Published by J.H. Oxon. London, Printed for Giles Calvert, and are to be sold at the Black Spred Eagle, at the West end of Pauls, 1659.



Rosicrucian and Masonic  Origins


by Manly P. Hall

From Lectures on Ancient Philosophy—An Introduction to
the Study and Application of Rational Procedure:
The Hall Publishing Company, Los Angeles, First Edition 1929, Chapter 19

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The Devolution and Evolution of Astrology

by Manly P. Hall

The text of this article comes from the preface to Augusta Foss Heindel's study of Astrology and the Ductless Glands.

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The Soul of the Message and the Spirit of the Letter

 by Jean de Galzain


The mystery of the words, the soul of the message and the spirit of the letter

Le mystere des mots, l’ame du message et l’esprit de la lettre




by Charles Weber

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CHARLES WEBER  is a veteran Rosicrucian Fellow and Probationer . He was  also editor of  RAYS FROM THE ROSE CROSS, The Rosicrucian Fellowship  Magazine,  for about ten years. 

 Book Reviews


The Heindel - Steiner Connection , Authored by CW

by Jeff Auen



The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception


Mystic Christianity


An Elementary Treatise Upon
Man's Past Evolution, Present Constitution
and Future Development


Max Heindel



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 An Example of a 'New Age' Interpretation of the Bible

by H Christina Steyn

Department of Religious Studies
University of South Africa

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To Tell the Truth

by Jamis Lopez

Probationist, The Rosicrucian Fellowship

"Sermon on the Mount"
Fresco, Fra Angelico (1387-1455),
Museo di San Marco, Florence

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 Christ is the Divine Messenger


By Marie-José Clerc

This text is mainly based on the Bible and on The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception

From RAYS FROM THE ROSE CROSS (May-Jun 2003)  

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 "O ALMIGHTY GOD, help us to put away all bitterness and wrath and
evil-speaking, with all malice. May we possess our soul in patience,
however, we are tempted and provoked, and not be overcome with evil,
but overcome evil with good. Enable us, O God of patience, to bear
one another's burdens, and to forbear one another in love.

Oh, teach and help us all to live in peace with all men and walking
in love, as Christ loved us, of whom let us learn such meekness and
lowliness of heart that in Him we may find rest for our souls.
Subdue all bitter resentments in our minds, and let the law of
kindness be in our tongues, and a meek and quiet spirit in all our

Make us so gentle and peaceable that we may be followers of Thee as
dear children, that Thou, the God of peace, mayest dwell with us
forevermore - Amen."

-Benjamin Jenks (1646-1724)





THE ANCIENT OF DAYS ( Ilustration by Wlliam Blake for his poetic work "Europe", 1794. Relief etching with watercolor, 23.3 x 16.8 cm; British Museum, London )

Both poet and artist, Blake ilustrated his own poetic work. He also labored to create his own cosmology and mythology, based upon his readings of the Bible, the teachings of Swedenborg, and his own besetting visions. According to his early biographer,Gilchrist, Blake had his first vision at the age of eight or ten of " a tree filled with angels". This ilustration suggests a gnostic approch to the Creator as a lesser, fallible God. For Blake creation signalled a fall from the heaveanly state, followed by a redemption through the powers of the imagination. Blake's influence was of immensurable importance to the later Pre-Raphaelites and Symbolist movement.

-Sean Konecky in Symbolism and Visionary Art ( Art and Symbols of the Occult by James Wasserman, Tger Books International PLC, London, 1993)







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