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just taken place, let us remind ourselves
of some astronomical facts. The twelve
constellations, the twelve Divine Hierarch-
ies, form the natural zodiac and are ever
in the same relative positions. But on account of a
motion of the pole of the earth, the Sun crosses the
equator at a slightly different point each spring at
the vernal equinox, and this shifting point is consid-
ered in Astrology as being the first degree of Aries,
the beginning of what is called the intellectual zodi-
ac, which thus changes from year to year at the rate
of about 1 degree in 72 years, 1 sign in 2156 years,
completing the circle of 12 signs in about 25,868
years. This backward movement is called "preces-
sion of the equinox."
From the materialistic viewpoint there seems to
be no reason for this shifting of the zodiac, but from
the position of the mystic it is not at all arbitrary, but
necessary and in harmony with the spiral path of
evolution adhered to in both star and starfish,
observable everywhere in nature. After completion
of each cycle, the intellectual and the natural zodi-
acs coincide (the last timebeing 498 A.D.), and a
new world period commences, a new phase of evo-
lution, a higher loop of the spiral whereon we are
ever traveling towards God.
The procedure of regarding where the Sun cross-
es the earth's equator in the east as the first point of
Aries, no matter where in the constellations it falls
because of precession, is perfectly justified because
the life-giving qualities ascribed to the Sun in Aries
are observable as soon as it has crossed the equator;
then the seeds sprout, the mating season com-
mences, and the whole creation seems stirred by the
solar ray to bring forth. Therefore astrologers say
that the Sun is exalted in Aries.
On the same principle, the western node of the
Sun, the point where he leaves the northern hemi-
sphere for the winter months, is called the first point
of Libra, and Saturn, the planet of obstruction and
suppression, is here exalted; he is the reaper with his
scythe, he mows down the fruits of the solar ray, he
suppresses life and joy, the gladsome voices of our
feathered friends are hushed in his presence, and the
earth goes down to its wintry grave under his with-
ering influence.
So, we will express our thoughts and feelings of
to the Elder Brothers of the
Rosicrucian Order, who have given to mankind,
through their messenger, Max Heindel, such a won-
derful Teaching, which unites Science—such as the
aforementioned astronomical facts—to Religion—
the precession of the equinox being the path of evo-
lution whereon we are traveling towards God.
Regarding the Arts, it is our personal privilege to
build the covenant which is mentioned in the Epistle
of Paul to the Hebrews 8:10: “I shall put my laws
into their mind, and write them in their hearts,” inas-
much as we all have included in our different vehi-
cles and veils a specific gift, given by each one of
the twelve divine Hierarchies that form the natural
zodiac. These divine Hierarchies have given their
names to the intellectual zodiac—both zodiacs
being part of the microcosmic man.
Let us recall what Max Heindel writes about grat-
itude, that we have been especially favored, far
beyond our merit, by receiving the Rosicrucian
teachings from our Elder Brothers. Needless to say
they do not crave our gratitude, they are beyond
that; but we may make more soul growth by being
This precious knowledge enables us to better ful-
fill our task and to progress more rapidly on the path
of evolution, if we chose to do so, in accordance
with our free will.
Wisdom Inspires Gratitude