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UESTION: If one visits a cemetery on
a night close to the full moon day will
he be able to see all the souls buried
during the previous 24 hours?
Is it possible that any other beings
from the spiritual world, including demons, could
be seen in the area at this time?
Answer: To see any spirits one must possess a
degree of clairvoyance. What one sees of the
departing spirit (“soul”) in the cemetery near the
full moon is, however, the physical body’s etheric
counterpart, the two lower ethers of the vital body
that are decaying synchronously with the dense
physical body of the deceased. This vital body is
part of the physical world. It is usually only faintly
visible to nonclairvoyants within a day of the per-
son's demise, under the above-mentioned conditions.
One is less, rather than more, likely to see a
demon in a cemetery, for demons seek to influence
living beings, and typically, the spirit has left the
locus of its physical body after concluding its ret-
rospection, during which time it is protected from
demonic intrusion.
Question: I am a non-practicing Catholic but with
an open mind. For the last 5 years interesting
events have happened to me. They got more pre-
dominant since the death of my grandfather, who
according to my parents, was a high order
Rosicrucian. He died outside the U.S.
Allow me to briefly explain what happened.
(This was about 3 days after his corporeal death.)
It was approximately three o'clock in the afternoon
when I started to be sleepy and feeling weak to the
bone. I did not lose consciousness but could not
open my eyes. After a series of bodily reactions
and emotional changes, I found myself standing at
the door of my house ( I had left my body behind)
with my grandfather outside. (I had not seen him
for about 12 years.) He spoke to me words that I
seem unable to remember. I also witnessed who
"took him" (for lack of better word). I remember
seeing a flower rod standing at the front of my
house which "turned" into two (I think) snakes that
as soon as they touched the ground, slithered
toward me. Since then I have experienced vivid
dreams, seen apparitions of entities and people that
I do not know. I am aware of catastrophic events,
sense death of family members and also unknown
people. Furthermore, unknown hands have
attacked me when I approach certain individuals.
This and many more interesting things are going
on. The priest thinks I am in need of more praying,
but even that has turned interesting in recent years.
Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I
was told your order could shine some light onto
was is happening to me.
Answer: The account of your narrated experi-
ences, apparently connected, at least coincident,
with the death of your grandfather, suggests sever-
al points:
(1) The effect of his death may have triggered
the extrasensory faculty which you have gained,
and conceivably he may have played some initiat-
ing role in its onset.
(2) In the account you relate, the fact that you
were at the door of the house indicates a loosening
of the your vital body from the dense physical
body, making possible the visionary capability. A
Visiting a Cemetery; What is Happening to Me?
The Universe is Like a Rose

Page 2
house in dream symbology is the physical body.
Your grandfather on the outside shows him at the
threshold of your consciousness of the invisible
world. He also, being just three days deceased, was
still within the earth's etheric aura and able to more
easily show himself, his affection for you drawing
you to his attention, and him to you.
(3) The two snakes on a flower rod, objectively
seen, is a rich symbol, connoting both healing gifts
and initiatic powers. That the snakes came off their
mount and slithered toward you would suggest that
thereby a clairvoyant ability was awakened in you.
However, this device, called the caduceus, is also a
representation of the involuntary sympathetic ner-
vous system (at least the double serpentine portion
of this figure). The falling of the snakes to a supine
position and their crawling toward you also indi-
cates a demotion of positive to negative form of
learning about the invisible worlds, one that is not
subject to the personal will. It is therefore, from the
Rosicrucian standpoint, atavistic and not to be
encouraged since undesirable entities may unduly
affect and gain a controlling influence upon one so
At an earlier time all humans had this visionary
faculty. Presently, humanity is evolving positive
clairvoyance. It is possible that you may bring this
ability under your conscious control, as in the case
of Edgar Cayce. However, to be on the safe side,
inviting apparitions and calling on spirits to pro-
vide information is generally to be discouraged
until one is fully grounded in the waking, reason-
ing Ego-consciousness. Then one can direct his
thoughts and centered will into the spirit worlds
without the hazard of being misled and even even-
tually controlled by the negative beings who dwell
(A follow-up from the same questioner:)
“Thank you for responding so quickly to my e-
mail. You have explained more clearly how my
grandfather was able to show himself in my
house....The apparitions are not my doing. On the
contrary, I would sometimes like them to be gone,
since, as you said, it is a world that I am not versed
in at all. These "entities,” so far, have being won-
derful beings who seem to be teaching me. They
leave me with wonderful feelings that I am unable
to compare with any other feeling. Furthermore,
they come not with my invitation, they come on
their own. Usually they request of me to assist
people who seem to be in need of some help. I find
myself questioning how I know so much about
these individuals whom I have never met. They are
as astonished as I am. My question to you now
would be perhaps, how do I stop them? For most
of my family and friends think of me as a crazy
person. I do see beautiful and indescribable beings,
both in feelings and beauty.
Answer: Under the circumstances you describe,
consider yourself blessed if only beautiful and
uplifting visions and knowledge come to you. You
may be favored with these insights into people you
have never met by the faculty of intuition, which
transmits wisdom directly from the world of Life
Spirit. As long as you stay Christ-centered,
grounded in objectivity and healthy skepticism,
you cannot be harmed or led astray by these visita-
tions. If you want to stop them, you can ask the
Christ to guide and protect you, that His will
always be done, and that if it is His will that these
spiritual experiences continue, so be it. You do not
need to divulge your personal experiences to peo-
ple who may not be sympathetic to them.
Question: The universe “unfoldeth like a rose” is
a beautiful image, but is it just an image?
Answer: This beautiful image is the image of a
reality, as near to truth as physical world phenom-
enon can represent invisible occurrences. In this
case, visualize the potential rose as the bud or gen-
erative idea and then the blooming or opening up
(into visibility) of one ring or corolla of petals ray-
ing outward, followed by successive rings. Some-
thing of this sequence can be applied to the pro-
gressive manifestation of the Word becoming
flesh, or the Virgin Spirit gaining layers of "sub-
stance" from the worlds it descends through on its
path of involution into increasingly denser forms.
The rose's unfoldment is somewhat analogous, each
circlet of petals correlating with a different dimen-
sion and density of cosmic matter. The center of
the rose is the World of God, from which issue all
life and its countless formal manifestations.