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Cancer is growing in her abdomen and
she suffers a terrible pain. Her doctor,
whom she has been visiting for the last
twelve months, was very sympathetic:
“Everyone has the right to decide when to die,”
he declared firmly while prescribing the last med-
Her daughter also supports her wish.
“I don’t like to see you suffering, mum,” her
voice is filled with encouragement.
But now she is finally hospitalized, waiting to
die on the hospital bed. And so it is. Tomorrow she
will pull the lethal injection, putting an end to her
pain. Tomorrow...
She puts her head on the pillow and tries to get
some sleep. But she can’t. Uncertainty creeps into
her mind. What if she is wrong? What happens
when people die? She tosses and turns for a long
time before sleep finally embraces her in its arms.
Then suddenly she sees in her dream her deceased
husband, sitting on her bed. His face is calm, his
eyes are full of compassion.
“Don’t do it, Marry,” he says softly.
“I can’t take it any more,” her voice screams. “It
is unbearable.” Tears fill her eyes.
“Marry,” he is pleading, waiting for her to calm
down, “don’t do it.”
“Why?” She looks deep in his eyes. “Why,
“Because, my dear, there is a lesson in this pain.
No one wants you to suffer and They tried hard to
spare you the pain, but it was all in vain. For you
would not respond to suggestions, to warnings, to
taboos. You alone brought this pain on yourself.”
“What do you mean? Who are They?
“The Invisible Workers who look after the mor-
tals.” He is silent for a while, then resumes: “You
love the cream buns, don’t you, which totally
clogged your kidneys. You love the bacon and
eggs in the morning, which blocked your arteries.
You would not pass a day without piece of a rich
cake, which ferments everything in the stomach,
turning it into a toxic pulp, poisoning the blood...
Remember all the restaurants you were going to
every week to sumptuously dine? The next morn-
ing your eyes were puffy, your legs were swollen,
but did you care? Did you care to stop and start a
healthy diet, when often in the morning you woke
up feeling sick and your back was killing you? No,
Marry, you didn’t pay attention to all the warning
symptoms, and no power on earth was able to keep
you away from the rich, refined, dead, preserved
food you consumed all through your life.”
“It is is unbearable...” She starts
to cry.
He puts his hand on her shoulder.
“The pain is your best teacher, Marry. It is given
only to people who are ignorant and will not learn
by any other means. Once you understand why the
pain came in your life and what is the reason for it,
the pain will be lifted and the suffering will stop.
But if you try to stop it yourself now, next time,
when you come to Earth, you will be born as a sick
child, enduring the same pain you are trying to
escape from now. You will be in the same agony
then, Marry. For there is no escape. This pain is
yours and you have to go through it. It will do you
Two Stories

Page 2
good, Marry, believe me. Besides, one has no right
to put an end to things he does not make. God gave
you the life and God only takes it. Woe to those
people who take their own life. Then a karmic debt
will be added to the pain, and all this will be much
more horrible and unbearable than it is now.”
With these words he disappears.
Marry wakes up. She remembers every word of
the dream. She looks around in desperation.
“A child in agony,” she moans. “A child in pain
again...More karma...No. No...”
Just then the nurse brings in her breakfast. With
a firm hand Marry pushes it away and asks for
fresh, healthy fruit.
When Ann left the clinic, her doctor said to the
nurse: “Poor woman. She has no more than six
months to live ...and we can not help her.”
Ann lives in a small house on the hill near a big
reserve. The area is more like a countryside than a
part of a big city.
Ann opens the front door and rushes into the liv-
ing room.
“Are you Ann Slavoff?” a woman’s soft voice
“You are still waiting for a heart transplant,
aren’t you?”
“Yes...Oh! Who’s calling? Did you find a heart
for me? Ann’s voice is trembling with excitement.
“Not really. You see, Ms. Slavoff, we have to
“But who are you?”
“I am an astrologer.”
“An astrologer and a healer!” Ann’s voice rises
to a high pitch.
“Yes. And I’d like to help you.”
“How for goodness sake you can help me? Who
gave you my number?” Ann exclaims.
“Your son did. For he knows that I can help you
better than the doctors can. You see, you have to
understand first why your heart became sick and
what you need to do to make and keep it healthy.”
Ann sighs in desperation. She pauses for a
while, then says, “I believe it is my fate which got
me into this trouble.”
“This is partly true. But do you realize that our
fate is the product of our own deeds? We alone are
responsible for the fate we experience.”
“You mean that I did something to make my
heart sick?”
“Exactly! And unless you understand the real
reason for your condition, no new heart will make
any difference, for you will keep destroying it.”
Ann listens with disbelief. Who is this woman
and what does she know about her to judge and
speak in this manner? Wasn’t Ann doing every-
thing she could to get herself better? She has seen
several specialists; she has strictly followed their
instructions; she has done everything they wanted
her to do. She is just about to terminate the con-
versation when the voice very softly says:
“Besides, there is a huge moral issue, Ms.
Miller. The heart must be extracted as soon as a
person dies, while his spirit is still connected to the
body and the poor person, even though pro-
nounced dead, still feels all the pain and mutilation
done to his body...And this in its turn incurs more
bad karma to be paid for in the future...”
“I don’t want to hear any more...”
“But if you do, here is my phone number. It is
easy to remember...99977789. Call me when you
are ready. Good bye.”
Ann is disturbed and angry. She moves with a
sudden impatient gesture, like trying to be rid of
some nasty image, when she hears something
falling on the floor. “Oh, no!” she exclaims, pick-
ing some sharp objects from around her feet.
“Seven years bad luck!” Her heart fills with terror
and superstition.
All day Ann can do nothing. The words of the
astrologer follow her everywhere. What if it is
true? Can the dead really scream and curse her?
At night she dreams of robbing a dead body of
its heart. The spirit is shouting and fighting fierce-
ly. She runs with his heart in her hands up a steep
mountain but the spirit catches up with her, grabs
her from behind and they both roll down a
precipice with loud screams.
When she wakes up, she finds herself on the
floor grasping for breath. Her heart is racing and
pounding painfully on her rib cage.

Page 3
It takes some time before she can realize what
has happened. She gets up slowly and calls the
“This is your chart, Ann. Do you see the red
lines?” The astrologer gazes into her eyes. She is a
tall woman with ordered grey hair and quite a dis-
tinctive face. “They indicate the negative energy
surrounding you. Here is your heart. It shows that
the basic cosmic principle of Love is being
“Which means?”
“...that you have to start learning how to love.
The heart is the human organ of love. If it is sick it
usually means that the way you love has to
This is the most impossible thing Ann has ever
heard in her life. How to love! She knows how to
love! She loves more intensely and deeply than
most people, she protests to herself.
“You see,” the astrologer leans over the table
and looks straight into her soul, “as the Great
Wizard of Oz said, it matters not how much one
loves, but how much one is loved by others.”
Ann’s face shows signs of embarrassment. It is
true that she is divorced and hated by her ex-hus-
band. She quarrels with her brothers and sisters
and she is not doing very well with her children
either. She has no true friends except one distant
cousin whom she hasn’t seen for the last 15 years.
“There are many kinds of relationship that peo-
ple incorrectly called love,” the astrologer contin-
ues, “possessive love, aggressive love, intolerant
love, tyrannical love.”
Ann is sitting very still, her eyes are looking
somewhere beyond the present.
“You also have to learn how to eat,” the voice of
the astrologer brings her back. “You see, there are
hundreds of TV cooking programs, thousands of
cooking books, but they all are giving the wrong
message. Humanity has gone so far away from the
very basic principles of its existence that people
have no idea they are killing themselves everyday
by the food they eat. All cooked and processed
food is dead. Tell me, how can one expect to be
healthy and to live long when he is feeding himself
on denatured modified food?”
Ann looks totally lost.
“We are destined to sustain ourselves on fruits,
vegetables, seeds, grains. Equally important is how
we combine the food available to us. It matters not
only what we eat, but when we eat and how we mix
the things we put in the stomach. If you become
more loving and improve your relationships with
people, and if you start eating properly right now,
you may dramatically improve the condition of
your heart and you may not need to have an oper-
ation at all. If you wish I can help you.”
Ann knows that this is her last chance. She takes
the advice of the astrologer and follows her
instructions on relationships and food. She stops
quarreling with people and tries to see things from
their perspective. And if that doesn’t work, she
knows that the Christ is in them as He is in all peo-
ple. Ann resolves to be loving of her children and
she begins to feel especially close to her son.
Six months after her wake-up encounter with the
astrologer, Ann was discharged from hospital care.
No operation was ever performed on her. The doc-
tors wondered how she achieved her present
health. Her doctor said to the nurse, “Ann is a liv-
ing miracle. Six months ago she was gravely ill but
now, without major medical intervention, her heart
is sound and healthy.” Ë
—Marcia Malinova-Anthony
With every rising of the sun,
Think of your life as just begun.
The past has shrived and buried deep
All yesterdays; there let them sleep.
Concern yourself with but today;
Woo it, and teach it to obey.
Nor seek to summon back one ghost
Of that innumerable host.
Your wish and will since time began
Today has been the friend of man,
You and today, a soul sublime,
And the great pregnant hour of time:
With God between to bind the twain
Go forth, I say, attain! attain!
—Ella Wheeler Wilcox