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HERE IS WITHIN man a power, a
light, a fire, a cosmic link between him-
self and his Creator which, when
allowed, will heal any manner of dis-
ease with which he may be afflicted:
even a so-called incurable disease. This light is so
powerful, so divinely radiant, so pure and perfect,
that disease melts before its penetrating rays.
This incomparable cosmic fire is within each
man. There are no exceptions. It is the Christ with-
in, our part of God. It is that part of us that is so pure
it knows nothing less perfect than itself. It is our
protection, our guidance, our abundance, our
health—our all; our sonship with the Creator—
I still had this to learn when a doctor told me I
had but a short time to live. I had cancer of the
stomach and bowels. The few remaining months, at
most, of my life would be painful misery. I knew he
would say it was hopeless. Others had said the
same. The symptoms were unmistakable. I looked
at him for a long time—blank-like. In reply, he
handed me a book, The Rosicrucian Cosmo-
Conception, by Max Heindel.
When I arrived home, I glanced through its
pages, but I was too sick of mind and body to read
it understandingly. But grasping it in my hand, I
defied the doctor’s verdict. I decided to get well.
How I was going to go about this seemingly
insurmountable task I did not at the moment know.
Defiantly I held the book as if it were the saving
rock to which I was obliged to cling. I tried to read
it but my mind as well as body was weak and incon-
Cosmo—I wondered what that meant. I looked in
the dictionary and found cosmos, the same root
word: the universe as a manifestation of law and
order, opposite of chaos. That is exactly what I
wanted. I wanted my body and mind to act in har-
mony. I had had enough of chaos.
It seemed as if my different organs were func-
tioning as distinct individuals with no consideration
as to their relationship to the body as a whole. And
each atom of each organ was flying at a different
rate of speed, indifferent to organic harmony.
Everything was out of tune.
But I had decided to get well. Instinctively I
knew I would have to do everything I possibly
could to co-operate with bringing forth this health
which I so longingly coveted.
I had been in constant pain for five years. If I
drank water or refrained from drinking water, I was
in pain. If I ate food or did not eat food, the pain
continued unceasingly. I often wondered how it
would seem to be relieved of this gnawing, burning
agony. I tried to imagine myself free from it.
In my strong moments when a passionate will
seemed to have taken hold of me, I decided that in
order to get well I must, as it were, take myself ver-
itably in the grip of my hand, rule my every
thought, word, and act with a will of tempered steel.
I wanted passionately to be like that cosmos—
everything in my body world working smoothly,
evenly, easily.
I always felt cold, chilly, lifeless. As I lived
where sunshine abounded, I decided to soak myself
in it. I found it helped me relax; even a strong ten-
sion always gave way under its influence. At first
five minutes of exposure to the sun with my head
shaded. This was increased to a half-hour.
I had been on a milk diet but decided to become
a vegetarian. I ate fruits and vegetables and whole
Cosmic Illumination
A Story of Healing

Page 2
grain cereals. When I found with what ease rice is
digested, I ate it with pleasure, knowing I was tax-
ing my digestive apparatus but lightly.
For breakfast whole wheat wafers and raisins or
whole wheat cereal and prunes.
For lunch a baked potato and a small portion of
carrots and also summer squash. Instead of the
baked potato, I would have rice boiled in a double
boiler with perhaps spinach and string beans. It was a
simple matter to vary the vegetables from day to day.
For dinner a plate of fruit. A peach perhaps and a
bunch of luscious purple grapes or a red apple and
three walnuts.
It is not my desire to lay down rules of diet. I am
simply reciting what I did in a successful effort to
cure a so-called incurable disease. Each individual,
of course, has to work out his own program accord-
ing to his particular temperament and condition.
I asked repeatedly for divine guidance, not only
in the matter of food but in all that I did. God is ever
ready to give us wisdom in proportion as we give
up the self.
I read the Cosmo-Conception. I would take a
statement which appealed to me and abide with it
for a week. Then another for the next week or per-
haps just a word—God or perfection. I used it as a
pattern or mold and poured my thought, my life,
and my love into it.
Five minutes out of each waking hour I sat in a
comfortable position and consciously quieted my
mind with “Peace...Peace...Peace,” “Be still, and
know I am God,” or a similar formula.
Sometimes I was too ill to get out of bed and my
food and sun and thought regime was suspended
until I was able to be up again.
I pledged myself to God, and regardless of the
appearances I clung to Him with all my resolve. I
knew His was the only path by which I could
escape death.
With fear and trembling I pursued my plan. At
times my will was weak and it seemed futile to try
to stand against the foe—disease. Then, with an
onrush of power, my faith would return and I knew
I would fight a good fight.
For three years I wrestled. Thinking health,
believing in health, bound the while by diseased
flesh. I continued to read the Cosmo-Conception. I
attended lectures on the occult. I saw to it that all
my reading material was of an inspirational nature.
As I became stronger, I walked. Only a block at
first, then two or three, until finally I would walk a
mile without discomfort.
But in the five years, plus these three years of my
self-imposed regime, I was never free from pain. It
possessed me and harassed me.
In the last three years I had gained more than I
then realized. I was stronger both in body and mind.
Fear did not besiege me with such possessiveness
as formerly.
One day I was seized with an indefinable weak-
ness. I went to bed. I could scarcely move. My hus-
band called a trained nurse, one of my friends, to
attend me. He insisted I have a doctor, but when I
assured him I was only exhausted and wanted to
rest, he did not press the point further. The nurse
was an occult student and intuitively she knew what
was taking place. She did not urge a doctor.
I slipped into a strange state where I could not
open my mouth. I could not talk or eat.
Occasionally the nurse poured a teaspoon of warm
milk in my mouth. Neither could I open my eyes.
Then things started to happen. The three years’
apprenticeship to God had set up a new vibration.
The old was dying that the new might be born and
I moved out of my body and traveled about look-
ing back amusedly at my physical temple which
appeared to be in utter darkness. When I returned to
my body, I felt a glow, a wonderful illuminating
warmth which was beyond the power of words to
express. All my senses functioned as higher senses:
the saliva ran sweet as honey in my mouth; my eyes
saw no forms, no objects, only a brilliant gorgeous
white light; my ears were tuned to music more per-
fect than earthly symphonies. I could smell a deli-
cate perfume, a perfume sweeter than any mundane
essence, however costly. And I could touch...I could
feel only waves of light, for all my being was
whirling in a sea of light as big and great as the
whole universe.
I lay in spiritual ecstasy. A voice—an unseen
voice—a voice as of a surgeon said to me, “Lie very
still this morning, my child. There is much work to
be accomplished in the repairing of your stomach
and bowels. The cancer must be routed out. You are
now being made anew. Have patience.”

Page 3
I lay very still. I closed my eyes. It seemed for
hours the etheric knife was busy with its work upon
A great shaft of light pierced my abdomen, inter-
penetrating my stomach and bowels. Knives also of
light were busily at work, hacking away, breaking
away, tearing away the diseased tissue; making way
for reparation, regeneration, revivification of my
whole being.
My back, which had been torn by pain, was
pierced by rays of light. I saw them with my inner
consciousness, my eyes being closed the while.
This continued for a week while I lay physically
quiet. No disease could endure the radiance in
which I was immersed. I knew I was healed. I could
see my organs. Each individual organ in my body
was outlined and illuminated like a neon sign. I
could see the circulation of blood in my body.
I lay in bed on Easter morning. In the stillness of
my room, I glimpsed the significance of the
Resurrection. I realized the role that the
Resurrection had played in my individual experi-
ence. I reminisced the multitudes of times I had in
the past eight years read, reviewed, and meditated
upon the Resurrection of Jesus.
I was grateful I had learned to let the light of God
flow through me. I was thankful too that on this
Easter day I had caught the true import of Easter—
My husband brought to my room an Easter lily—
perfect, waxen, pure white. A friend sent me a
Japanese lily, a brownish orange with darker spots.
Easter afternoon I got up and dressed and walked
from room to room. My home was beautiful, more
glorious than ever. I looked out of all the windows
from the different rooms to view the flower garden.
The lawn of Coos Bay bent-grass which had been
planted during my stay in bed was coming up to
light with sprouts of healthy green. Everywhere I
looked new growth and flowers were bursting forth
to show their joy of existence. Even the garden had
caught the consciousness of the Resurrection.
I saw the oneness of the universe. I caught the joy
of the cosmic consciousness flowing blithely
through everything. I saw God shining through.
When my friend, the nurse, left she said, “Dear,
you will never know what this month has meant to
me.” Our hands met. She understood.
Now I could travel through walls, enter sick bod-
ies and make them well. When I looked at a person,
I could see his organs as if my consciousness were
an X-ray and if there was a faulty place, it was dark,
shadowy, murky.
When one of my neighbors came in to see me,
she said her husband was in bed with a serious case
of pneumonia. His mother was sitting with him. Out
from my consciousness darted a streak of light. It
penetrated the chest of the sick man.
The next morning she came again to say with sur-
prise, “My husband is up, working in the garden
this morning. Isn’t it amazing?” I was not surprised.
A card came stating my mother had been hit by
an automobile. That she was bruised and jarred
quite badly was the extent of the account. As I read
this card out darted with terrific speed light without
limit from my consciousness. It pierced the con-
sciousness of my mother and warmed, soothed, and
healed her.
The next day she came to see me. Her body was
black and blue but she told me that suddenly it
seemed as if a cloud had lifted from her and the
shock, the pain, and soreness had left.
I had learned that Light is the healer, the emanci-
pator, the liberator. I realized that anything opposed
to Light is to be eschewed. A universal concept of
things possessed me. My mind had expanded and
bounds and boundaries had given way.
As I was sitting in the sunroom, a voice clear and
bell-like said to me, “You have stood the test. You
have learned to rely on God. You have graduated
from former ignorance and darkness. You realize
the One Power in the Universe—God only.
“You are now initiated into the Order of Light,
which has no mysteries, no secrets, no seclusions
from public view. There is no limitation as to mem-
bership. As many may belong as will stand the test.
Rely upon God only.
“You are on a firm foundation of knowing God.
It is now your work to show others the path of light,
the path of harmony, the pathway of freedom. Will
you do this?”
“I will,” I answered.
No more pain; no more sickness. Vibrant health
manifest where disease had dwelt. Former things
had passed away; all things had been made new. Ë
—Edna Tradewell