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STROLOGY is that science which
treats of the correspondence between
the position of the heavenly bodies
and human events. It is a science of
tendencies; it teaches the universal
harmony of nature; the connection between all
effects and all causes. Josephus tells us that astron-
omy and Astrology were one science originally, and
it was only during the fifteenth century that they
became separated in Europe. Astrology, says
Madame Blavatsky, is to astronomy as the grammar
of a language is to the dictionary of the language.
Now, we, as astrologers, are all of us constantly
using the words “planetary influence.” Let us con-
sider for a moment the meaning of that word influ-
ence. Influence and flux are words derived from the
same Latin root influo, to flow in upon; hence, plan-
etary influence must mean the flowing forth from
the planet of some subtle matter, so that the position
of a particular star cannot be a matter of indifference
to the destinies of a child who is being born under
its influence, and who enters, by the fact of its birth,
into the universal harmonies of the worlds (astral as
well as physical).
In the West, Paracelsus was the last great practi-
cal astrologer, and it is stated that he healed the sick
by a talisman formed under astral influences, and
recognized in the bodies of all men the mark of their
ruling star. To recognize this in men, animals, and
plants, is the true Natural Science of Solomon. In
the Jewish Kabala, preserved under symbol and
metaphor, many astrological truths are found.
Kabalistic Astrology deals largely with the science
of numbers, which must not, however, be confused
with judicial Astrology. In the Kabala, infancy was
dedicated to the Sun, childhood to the Moon, youth
to Mars and Venus, puberty to Mercury, mature age
to Jupiter, and old age to Saturn.
Jerome Cardon, the most accomplished astrologer
of his day, who died for his belief in the science,
from his experience was led to tabulate certain
results. Every fourth year, he says, is that of realiza-
tion. Eight is the number of Venus; twelve of
Jupiter; nineteen the cycle of the Moon and Mars;
thirty the cycle of Saturn.
In India a belief in Astrology is as universal as its
practice, and a child’s nativity is cast immediately it
is born. This nativity is taken great care of, consid-
ered to be of immense value and importance, and
guarded as a sacred thing. As knowledge of true
Astrology permeates more and more the Western
world, people will realize the profound importance
and utility of the natal figure—that picture of our-
selves; that looking-glass in which is reflected our
physical, mental, and moral nature, our strength and
our weakness; that chart of self-knowledge which
can help us to steer our bark safely over the trou-
blous waves of life. Astrology is a reality in itself,
the law of the universe working, and therefore not a
matter of this man’s opinions, or that man’s ideas.
In Astrology is found that practical and useful
knowledge which, if applied to the main factors of
life, will revolutionize the world. It is the law of
cause and effect working itself out—what the
Eastern world calls the law of reincarnation and
karma. Each nativity looked at from the subjective
side is the indicator of the status of the soul and its
place in evolution. The true system of Astrology is
perfect, as all God’s plans ever must be. But to read
the book of life in its full significance presupposes
the astrologer to be a saint as well as a wise man; for
the knowledge of the mysteries of the workings of
the consciousness of God can only be known by the
pure in heart. Therefore the aim of the true astrologer
should be to purify and make clean body, mind and
soul, so that the divine wisdom may find in him a
Suggestive Thoughts on Astrology

Page 2
fitting instrument through which to manifest.
The truth is in the stars, but alas! the truth is not
in us, and only when we keep the good law shall we
know it in its entirety.
Today we modern astrologers are doing pioneer
work; we are clearing the ground for the builders
who are to build the edifice upon the foundation
which is now being laid. We are but sowing the
seed, as it were, for a future harvest; the harvest is
for others. It is enough for us that we are privileged
to sow the seed. Astrology is practical occultism
applied to the needs of men, and mankind cries
aloud for deliverance, caught in the net of ignorance
and darkness. Those who have seen the light, how-
ever dimly, must feel constrained to throw the whole
force of their energy into illuminating the pathway
for others.
A very deep and profound interest attaches to
Astrology on account of its vein of occultism, and
these essays especially seek to set forth the esoteric
side of this ancient study. Like all other occult sci-
ences, Astrology comprises the two aspects of uni-
versal truth: i.e., Life and Form. In reference to the
hidden truths conveyed in its wonderful symbology
we might call it, in other words, “the Science of Life
as applied to character and destiny.” There are truths
perceived by the higher mind that the lower or per-
sonal mind is unconscious of, and thus there is also
an inner or esoteric side of Astrology known only by
those whose intuition is unfolding.
The fact that Astrology has been taken up by
charlatans and used for selfish motives to impose
upon the ignorant and credulous is only too true, but
at the same time let us remember that where there is
no real coin there will be no counterfeit. The anti-
dote for both ignorance and superstition is real
knowledge. The Eastern philosophers have stated
that “if one would be a sage, one must first become
a saint,” and “Truth, which is pure and undefiled
and of the Spirit, must have a pure channel for its
manifestation.” Then, it is possible to know from
within instead of from without, to come into touch
with the Life rather than with the Form; and just
insofar as one makes oneself pure and truthful in
mind and character, and free from sordid motives,
will there be a proportionate revelation of the divine
light of Truth in the consciousness.
There are some people who imagine, because the
surrounding forces are unseen by us, that therefore
they do not exist. “What is the practical value of a
study of the stars?” queries the unbeliever. The
value of a study of Astrology, we answer, especially
natal Astrology, is that it will reveal to each individ-
ual man his own nature and character and assist him
to realize his high and glorious destiny. A study of
one’s horoscope gives an insight into one’s nature
that is simply marvellous. We see our own character
depicted within the circle of necessity (which is the
horoscope), with all our capacities and limitations,
our strengths and our weaknesses, our vices and
virtues, accurately traced therein. The ‘line of least
resistance,’ so to speak, the shortest and most direct
path to choose in travelling up the mountain of life,
whereby to reach the golden summit, is also shown.
All knowledge is power, for by knowledge we cut
the cord of ignorance and delusion which binds us
to pain and sorrow.
Considering the planets as representative of prin-
ciples in nature and in man, and the glorious solar
orb as the Life which vivifies them—or in Christian
terminology, God and the seven spirits before the
throne—we understand that we are dealing with
Life and Force rather than with Form and Matter.
In considering any individual horoscope, if we
find that we are under the ruling influence of the
planet Venus, for instance, what does this really
mean? It means that the influence of feeling and
emotion will be the dominant factor in the life,
though its grades of manifestation in matter will be
limited by the point of evolution at which the soul
has arrived; and the influence will translate itself as
sensation, passion, pure love, tenderness, devotion,
or compassion, according to the stage of the soul’s
growth: but Venus is the principle of feeling never-
theless. If Mercury be the significator, then thought,
reason and reflection, intellect in all its varying
stages, will be the keynote of the life. Such persons
will be anxious for knowledge, ever eager to learn,
to understand; and the purity and power of this
influence will depend upon the stage in evolution to
which the individual has attained: but Mercury is
the principle of thinking nevertheless. If the Sun be
the ruler, then strength, power, organization, ruler-
ship, will be the dominant feature of the life. But the
manner in which that power will be used, whether

Page 3
for selfish aggrandizement, domination and aggres-
sion, for psychic development, or for furthering the
interests of humanity, will depend again upon the
age of the soul, and the place in evolution to which
it has climbed. In any case, the influence of the
planet under which the person is born marks the
impacts he is likely to experience.
In this way it will readily be understood that char-
acter is, and must be, destiny; for each will act
according to his character, think according to the
limits of his capacity, and thus mould his own des-
tiny. Whether the ruling planet be the Sun, Moon,
Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn, the princi-
ple in man to which that planet’s vibrations corre-
spond will be the most potent center of influence in
the life, though the others will play their parts as
sub-influences. All persons are built to a certain
note or color (and thereby form), and clairvoyant
vision would see that color in the personal aura as
the dominant color—though the others would of
course be there also.
Now, as the object of evolution is to train and
develop our character, it is of primary importance
that we know which side of our nature needs to be
called out. Do we find it a difficult matter to think
for ourselves? Do we find ourselves unable to
respond to the feelings and emotions of others? Are
we unsympathetic? What kind of a will have we? Is
it strong or weak? Are we swayed by external
things, and unable to control ourselves? Let us
always remember that the God within us ever seeks
to express Divine Harmony through us; but some
keys are dumb in our human mechanism, and thus
the vibrations from the Player within cannot come
through. Our part it is to make the instrument more
fitted for the Player, or, in other words, to try and
dominate the selfish and sensual nature. If we try to
struggle with our lower nature we may save our-
selves many earth-lives, for if we desire to have a
happy life, we must first have earned it by develop-
ing a good character.
How do we build our character? it may be asked.
By two methods: One is by T
, and the other
is by P
. Man is a creature of reflection; that
which he thinks upon he becomes. Now suppose we
have attempted to learn that most difficult science of
all, the science of self-knowledge, and are forced to
realize that Truth is not an attribute of our character;
but yet we admire it, and would like to become
truthful ourselves. What must we do? We must
deliberately think of Truth as an ideal virtue every
day, if only for five minutes, never missing one day;
and then seek to practice it in the life. In a few years
we shall have made a channel in ourselves through
which the Divine Light of Truth will flow. Is the
task hard? Yes, very hard! But remember, we are
building for eternity, and the virtue once established
is ours for all time, our own possession, of which
none can rob us. So we may well take time and
patience, with eternity before us. For when Truth
has become one with our nature, henceforth all illu-
sion and falsehood is impossible; for we then have
the spiritual insight which pierces through all illu-
Let us look at this subject practically for a
moment. It is a recognized truism that even worldly
success is ultimately referable to personal merit; and
in that noblest work of all, that of building charac-
ter, truth and integrity draw to us, as a necessary
consequence, success, honor, advancement. Astrology
shows us what we are today, it also teaches us what
we can make of ourselves, the innate possibilities
that we can live up to; and thus it is one of the most
useful factors in life for those who are attracted by
This science of planetary vibration, or self-
knowledge, reveals our characters as they are, and
teaches us how we can co-operate with the stellar
influence and work with nature to transcend our
limitations. Then it becomes a science of life, for
moulds the form and T
produces facul-
ty. Therefore it is literally true that by directed
thought and action we can make here and now the
capacity we desire. Astrology is a practical as well
as a divine science, and those who practice it are
practical occultists. Try it, and prove it for your-
selves, remembering always
The spark divine dwells in thee; let it grow.
That which th’ up-reaching spirit can achieve,
The grand and all-creative Forces know.
They will assist and strengthen, as the light
Lifts up the acorn to the oak tree’s height.
Thou hast but to resolve, and lo! God’s whole
Great universe shall fortify thy soul.
—Bessie Leo