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HIS AGE in which we live is a practi-
cal one, and every system or theory,
whether scientific or religious, is chal-
lenged to give proof of what it can
accomplish in action. Astrology has its
religious and ethical side, as well as its scientific
and predictive aspect. We call the former the eso-
teric or inner, and the latter the exoteric or outer.
Let us consider this science from its religious
and ethical side first, and realize its motive power
as a teacher and educator of those who once again
are attracted towards this aspect of Divine Truth.
This very attraction shows that they are souls who
were educated along these lines in the past ages,
and so, clothed once more in new brains and new
bodies, recognize and rally round the same abiding
Truth. For though the physical form may decay,
life and consciousness are immortal.
Astrology, if studied from its spiritual aspect,
teaches that all sin and most of the misery of life is
caused by selfishness. Every form of dishonesty,
violence, outrage, fraud, even discourtesy, comes
from the desire to promote one’s own ends, even if
the rights of others have to be sacrificed thereby.
All our aggressions upon our fellowmen, all
attempts to appropriate their comfort, possessions,
or plans, all efforts to belittle, outshine, or humili-
ate them, express the feeling that self-gratification
is to be sought before all else. Hence the root of
evil is self-love, selfishness so powerful that it will
sacrifice everything rather than its own indul-
gence. True Astrology points us towards the Sun,
shining on all and blessing all, sustaining all and
nourishing all—the life of the system; and silently
this symbol speaks to the heart of man, preaching
without words its eternal lesson of altruism and
non-self. And just as each astrologer realizes the
inner meaning of this divine symbol, seeking to
achieve the divine ideal and the divine pattern, and
eliminating selfishness from his thoughts, actions,
and character, so will he become Sun-like or God-
like, and thus be helping to raise the world’s stan-
dard of truth and morality. Take the symbols of
Sun and Saturn and study their inner meaning; for
they represent respectively the life and the form,
altruism and selfhood.
Let us try to realize what would be the effect of
a universal reign of non-self. We can picture an
ideal world with no courts, prisons, asylums and
workhouses; a society pure, without peculation,
chicanery, or deceit; a community whereof every
heart was as vacant of envy and guile as it certain-
ly would be of unhappiness and pain. For the root
of universal sorrow lies in selfishness and would
thus be eradicated if true brotherhood were real-
ized. If we perceive the true unity of man, if we let
our hearts act harmoniously with the Sun in our
horoscopes, we shall become true philanthropists;
if we seek to realise that the richest pleasure comes
from giving rather than receiving, if we try to live
our brotherhood, and thus touch the highest
keynote in our natal chart, we shall be in accord
with the great law of sympathy, which is the law of
love. Astrology will then become a true guide in
life, not only to ourselves, but to those with whom
we come in contact. Christ said, “Blessed are the
pure in heart for they shall see God.” Thus, in ban-
ishing and eliminating selfishness from our heart,
we are leaving room for wisdom, love and light to
flow in, or in other words, good, that is God.
Astrology proclaims the truth that every act of
right or wrong shall receive its due reward.
Some religious systems say otherwise, and even
provide a plan by which punishment is to be evaded,
Astrology as a Guide in Life

Page 2
and unearned bliss secured. But if we stop and
think for ourselves, apart from creed or books, we
see that if this were indeed true, the principle of
justice (synonymous with Jupiter) would be in
abeyance and Jupiter absent from our Astrology.
Jupiter, Lord of justice, awards each man what he
has justly earned. This planet signifies generosi-
ty—“give, and it shall be returned unto you four-
fold.” Astrologers know that a “good”—that is, an
unafflicted—Jupiter means a just and moral char-
acter, while the ancients proclaimed that to be born
under Jupiter was a reward, Jupiter being a “benefic.”
Note the true significance of Jupiter, who indi-
cates justice, sympathy, and liberality; and the soul
that in a past life earned a well-aspected and unaf-
flicted Jupiter, on his present earthly pilgrimage
has for reward this benefic influence, which may
manifest in position, environment, or health. Thus
“character is destiny.” Nothing fails—no good or
evil can die without its fruit.
Astrology declares that the result of a deed is as
certain as the deed itself. And yet the world calls
Astrology unpractical! How can a system be
unpractical when it abolishes every bar to the law
of causation and makes practice the key to its
whole operation?
Astrology teaches and explains that moral causes
are no less effective than physical causes, that the
Experience in the school of life teaches self-mastery. Through the senses external objects are impressed on the vital body and
mirrored in the mind as the basis for forming conclusions or ideas, which are projected by the will into the mind to make thought
forms. These are projected against the desire body, arousing the feeling of attraction, repulsion, or indifference, and issuing in
either immediate, deferred, or no action regarding the thought. Action results from desire forces stimulating, via the etheric brain,
the appropriate physical brain centers and nerves that control the voluntary muscles. Stellar energies provide the basis for all
earthly form and action. When humans can control their response to these energies, they can control their thoughts and deeds.

Page 3
planetary forces concerned with our evolution
scrutinize and tabulate every act and deed of man,
and that the effect of harm or benefit to ourselves
and our neighbours is attached to every moral act.
There is no escape, no loss, no uncertainty, The
effect of causes generated on the moral plane will
ultimately exhaust itself in physical circumstances.
Astrology shows the law of cause and effect
working. Its teachings are that every man is the
framer of his own destiny, inasmuch as he can
pluck any fruit he chooses in the garden of life, but
at the same time has to bear the consequences
which ensue from his own action. It would be
impossible for a true astrologer to believe in the
theological dogmas of “Election,” “Predestination,”
and “Foreordination.” He at least is “quit of priests
and books,” for he knows that his destiny is writ-
ten by his own hands and that the stars award him
just what he has earned. The semimaterial theories
of luck, fate, chance, are swept away; nothing
which shifts responsibility or paralyzes effort can
Astrology postulate. We perceive, though dimly,
amid earth’s darkness “the solar light.” We hear,
though faintly, amidst earth’s babble the words of
the Master, Christ, “Be ye perfect even as your
Father in heaven is perfect.” So we perceive the
beauty of that conception of the “Law which
makes for righteousness,” a future which embodies
in it our divine evolution through purgation of all
that is sensual, selfish and belittling. So perceiv-
ing, we try to rule ourselves, and thus rule our
stars, and struggle onward to that perfect goal.
Whatever our ideal, whatever the effort, whatever
the result, it is ours alone; for we must each do our
own thinking, and none can do it for us. Writers
may write for us, teachers may teach us, but they
cannot think for us, and our evolution is in our own
hands. The formative power is lodged in us, deep
within each heart is the germ of Divinity, and it is
for each to evolve that germ into leaf, bud, flower,
and perfect fruit.
Astrology demonstrates the inflexibility of
moral law, and opens to us the highest ideal of reli-
gious fervour. For who can gaze upon the Solar
Orb or the starry host, and not worship the God
behind, sustaining all? As we revere His Law, we
conform to it; and thus we sound a harmonious and
not a discordant note in the symphony of the
When we revolve in perfect harmony around our
Sun, the divine Ego within, then we become helpers
and not clogs in the great wheel of evolution.
Teaching these truths, Astrology affirms the
moral consciousness, vindicates the moral sense,
spurs the moral motive. Thus it is in very truth a
guide in life, practical and practicable, and I would
that all who read these words were “Practical
Astrologers” along these lines. Then would the
past knowledge of the laws of life rush in on each
individual consciousness; for all self would have
fled, and we should desire knowledge only that we
might better serve and help our fellow man—
desire only to become pure vessels as channels for
God’s Truth. The Divine Wisdom then would use
us, and we should each be “The Man Aquarius,”
bearing in our hands the water of Wisdom, pouring
it out for others, the service of messenger and car-
rier being our privilege and delight, serving for
pure love’s sake.
Astrology is a great guide in life if it be studied
from its inner aspect. Once the aim is set before a
man, and he realizes the certainty that every act
affects that aim, the question of the expediency of
any act is determined.
Is an act selfish, unfraternal, aggressive? Then it
is not astrological, or according to the wisdom of
the stars, and it will fetter and bind chains about us
in our future life. This is the test, simple, uncompli-
cated, and feasible: Is any act selfish, or otherwise?
He who would be guided through the intricacies
of life need seek no priest or book or intercessor,
but only the “Self,” the divine Self, the still small
voice that can be only heard in the quiet. Let him
study his character from his natal chart, quietly and
meditatively, and then, with no remorse for past
failures, begin anew today, this moment, now, to
rule and dominate the lower nature, living in har-
mony and happiness, free from doubts or misgiv-
ings as to justice or success, strong in the knowl-
edge which esoteric Astrology gives, that he who
has conformed to nature and her laws shall be con-
formed to the destiny she predicts for man, who is
evolving upwards to God.
—Bessie Leo