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Page 1
OD IS LIGHT," says the Bible, and
we are unable to conceive of a
grander simile of His Omnipresence
or mode of His manifestation.* Even
the greatest telescopes have failed to
reach the boundaries of light, though they reveal to
us stars millions of miles from the earth. We may
well ask ourselves, as did the Psalmist of old,
"Whither shall I flee from thy presence? If I ascend
up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in
hell (the Hebrew word means “grave” and not
“hell”), behold, thou art there. If I take the wings of
the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the
sea; even there shall thy hand lead me."
When in the dawn of Being God the Father enun-
ciated the Word, and the Holy Spirit moved upon
the sea of homogeneous Virgin Matter, primeval
darkness was turned to Light. That is therefore the
prime manifestation of Deity, and a study of the
principles of Light will reveal to the mystic intu-
ition a wonderful source of spiritual inspiration. As
it would take us too far afield from our subject, we
shall not enter into an elucidation of that theme here
except so far as to give an elementary idea of how
divine Life energizes the human frame and stimu-
lates to action.
Truly, God is One and undivided. He enfolds
within His Being all that is, as the white light
embraces all colors. But He appears threefold in
manifestation, as the white light is refracted into
three primary colors: blue, yellow, and red.
Wherever we see these colors they are emblemati-
cal of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. These three
primary rays of divine Life are diffused or radiated
through the sun, and produce life, consciousness
and form upon each of the seven light bearers, the
planets, which are called "the Seven Spirits before
the Throne." Their names are: Mercury, Venus,
Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. Bode's
law proves that Neptune does not belong to our
solar system and the reader is referred to Simplified
Scientific Astrology by the present writer for math-
ematical demonstration of this contention.
Each of the seven planets receives the light of the
sun in a different measure according to its proximi-
ty to the central orb and the constitution of its
atmosphere. The beings upon each, according to
their stage of development, have affinity for some
of the solar rays. They absorb the color or colors
congruous to them, and reflect the remainder upon
the other planets. The reflected ray bears with it an
impulse of the nature of the beings with whom it
has been in contact.
Thus the divine Light and Life come to each
planet either directly from the sun or reflected from
its six sister planets, and as the summer breeze
which has been wafted over blooming fields carries
upon its silent, invisible wings the blended fra-
grance of a multitude of flowers, so also the subtle
influences from the garden of God bring to us the
commingled impulses of all the spirits, and in that
varicolored light we live and move and have our
The rays which come directly from the sun are
productive of spiritual illumination; the reflected
rays from other planets make for added conscious-
ness and moral development; and the rays reflected
by way of the moon give physical growth.
But as each planet can only absorb a certain
quantity of one or more colors according to the gen-
eral stage of evolution there, so each being upon
Astrology and the Child
*This article comprises selected writings from Max Heindel.

Page 2
earth—mineral, plant, animal, and man—can only
absorb and thrive upon a certain quantity of the var-
ious rays projected upon the earth. The remainder
do not affect it or produce sensation any more than
the blind are conscious of light and color which
exist everywhere around them. Therefore when
man returns to earth to reap that which he has sown
in previous lives and to sow anew the seeds which
make for future experience, each Ego is differently
affected by the stellar rays. The stars are the heav-
enly time-keepers which measure the year; the
moon indicates the month when the time will be
propitious to harvest or to sow. Thus the science of
astrology is a fundamental truth in nature, of enor-
mous benefit in the attainment of spiritual growth.
The child is a mystery to us all; we can only
know its propensities as they slowly develop into
characteristics, but it is usually too late to check it
when evil habits have been formed and the youth is
upon the downward grade. A horoscope erected for
the time of birth in a scientific manner shows the
tendencies to good or evil in the child, and if a par-
ent will take the time and trouble necessary to study
the science of the stars, he or she may do the child
entrusted to his or her care an inestimable service
by fostering tendencies to good and repressing the
evil bent before it has crystallized into habit.
Do not imagine that a superior mathematical
knowledge is necessary to erect a horoscope. Many
construct a horoscope in such an involved manner,
so "fearfully and wonderfully made," that it is
unreadable by themselves or others, while a simple
figure, easy of reading, may be constructed by any-
one who knows how to add and subtract.
This method has been thoroughly elucidated in
Simplified Scientific Astrology, which is a complete
textbook, though small and inexpensive, and any
parent who has the welfare of his or her children
thoroughly at heart should endeavor to learn to do
this work for himself. Even though his ability may
not compare with that of a professional astrologer,
his intimate knowledge of the child and deep inter-
est will more than compensate for such lack and
enable him to see most deeply into the child's char-
acter by means of its horoscope. Thus shall we all
come to know clearly how to discharge our duty as
parents, and bring forth most abundantly the spiri-
tual potencies of the souls committed to our care.
Question: “We find the horoscope of Marjorie in
the magazine for this month. We have been hoping
for it, and are more grateful than we can tell you.
(The child is three and one-half years old.)
"The energy that spends itself in loss of temper is
already in evidence (sun in conjunction with Mars
and square to Uranus), and every attempt at
restraint is met with determined resistance, both
mental and physical. How to transmute that energy
is our problem. To quote from the horoscope: 'Be
sure that you start right away, and that you start
right.' We have studied and tried to obtain results.
She does not respond to kindness, and just before
getting the horoscope we had almost decided that
corporal punishment was the only means. I know
from results that I witnessed in that correction
should be done by other means. But many things
are possible at school that are not practical in the
home, besides, I never learned any of the methods
employed with children of Marjorie's age. Mrs. R.
has read many authorities on child training all of
which deprecate physical punishment, but no one
says what to use instead. The child takes reasoning
as an opportunity for argument.
"How can we secure obedience without physical
punishment? We keep our word to her in the small-
est detail and she never forgets, but reward begets a
sort of selfishness.
"If you can, give us some concrete example, your
suggestion of method, some idea of how and what
to do. We want above all things in this world to
work this miracle of transmutation, and I think,
though it may hurt, that we can both accept the
ingratitude of the child and not complain. But hon-
estly we do not know how."
[We introduce at this point Max Heindel’s read-
ing for Marjorie’s horoscope, given in the April
1916 Rays, followed by his answer to the parent’s
foregoing question—Ed.]
The Moon in the first house in Pisces and trine
Neptune in Cancer gives Marjorie a very restless
nature and she is sure to do considerable travelling
in her life. She will change from place to place and
*The following discussion by Max Heindel is an apt illustra-
tion of the application of the Rosicrucian principles of edu-
cation of children to a specific example. It is reprinted from
the Question Department of the Rays for September, 1916.

Page 3
long voyages are particularly shown, but this desire
to wander is not dictated by a habit of shiftlessness.
She will be very practical, hardworking and
intensely ambitious to accomplish whatever she
sets out to do. Fixed signs on the angles, and the
Sun conjunction Mars in Scorpio indicate that
she will have the energy and perseverance to
work until she achieves. Jupiter is in his essen-
tial dignity in Sagittarius. This shows that
Marjorie has a noble heart and a humanitarian
instinct and the Sun in Libra also tells of her
kindly inner nature. But Mars and Mercury are
in the sign Scorpio, which is probably the most
belligerent sign among the twelve and this shows
us that her tongue can bite like a scorpion’s sting
when she shows the other side.
Under ordinary conditions Uranus in the
Saturnine sign Capricorn gives her a certain reserve
and dignity of nature, but when Marjorie is swayed
by the aforementioned configuration, Sun conjunc-
tion Mars and square Uranus, it is like a bolt from
the blue which transforms her for the time being to
a fury. At least, that is the tendency, and the square
of Mars to Uranus, which makes her impatient of
every restraint, will generally be found to be the key
to the trouble. If this tendency to completely lose
her temper is allowed free rein, Marjorie will have a
very unhappy life and be shunned by all despite the
many good qualities which she otherwise possesses.
But this is just where the parents may do a great
good for this soul. You have here a very difficult
child whom you will find a great responsibility, but
also a great opportunity for service whereby you
may lay up a wonderful treasure in heaven. Be sure
that you start right away and be sure that you start
right. Above everything do not endeavor to break
her spirit or curb her by harsh measures, but
endeavor to teach her self-restraint. You will find
this a difficult problem, but study it. She is worth all
you can do for her, for she is a strong soul.
There, is no doubt that she will often have reason
for being provoked, for the Sun square Neptune
shows that treachery may be expected frequently in
her life, but tell her never under any circumstances
to go to law as Saturn in Gemini opposition to
Venus tells her that she should be careful in the
selection of her friends, for she may expect them to
prove false. The Sun, Mars, and Mercury in Scorpio
will give her a very magnetic personality. She will
have a wonderful healing power and if possible you
should let her take up this art. Saturn in Gemini and
trine to Uranus will also make her very scientific
and give her ability much above the ordinary and
she will also have great foresight and considerable
executive ability. The Moon trine Neptune will give
her a love of occultism and considerable talent as an
astrologer. It will also develop the imagination
wonderfully and she will have a number of psychic
experience. Saturn in opposition to Venus will
make courtship difficult and cause considerable
jealousy, it would be better in one sense if she did
not marry for the Sun square to Uranus shows that
the marriage will be very unhappy, but there will be
no separation, the husband will die as attested by
the Sun conjunction Mars in Scorpio in the eighth
house, and she will gain financially by this mar-
riage for the husband will leave her in comfortable
With regard to health, you will find that the end
of October and the beginning of November each
year will always be a rather critical time for Marjorie
and she will be most liable to the so-called female
troubles. There are, however, certain exercises which
may be used in early life to promote the general
health in such a manner that these tendencies will
not work themselves out. But above all, Marjorie
Marjorie R.
Cleveland, OH
October 22, 1912

Page 4
should be told the truth about life as soon as it is
possible. Whenever she can understand sufficiently
to ask a question, be sure that it is truthfully answered
so that she may know, be properly informed, and be
able to take care of herself when the strong feelings
shown by the Sun and Mars conjunction in Scorpio
come to her at the time of adolescence.
Some children are more difficult to manage than
others. As a matter of fact, we ought to rejoice when
we get such a one as Marjorie, for such children
have spirit and individuality. The so-called good
children, who are models of deportment and obedi-
ence, should really give us much more concern
because of the lack of initiative in their nature.
Difficult children are bound always to make their
way in the world and to gather experience, either
directly by a life of virtuous action and glorious ser-
vice or else indirectly through a life of wrong-
doing, which is later corrected and transmuted in
Purgatory. But the good child which never gives its
parents an uneasy moment is very apt to grow up in
just the same way, and go through life without
doing either good or bad.
You remember in the Apocalypse, how the Spirit
speaks to the seven churches. To some of them
there was praise, to others blame, but the most
scathing, startling denouncement was given to one
church in the words: "I would thou were cold or
hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither
cold nor hot I will spew thee out of my mouth." If
there is one character that is fixed firmly upon the
path of virtue, it is a converted “bad” man, for it is
an axiom that "the greater the sinner, the greater the
saint." Whoever treads the paths of vice with a firm
step will also be strong for virtue when his feet are
turned about. But the lukewarm people, who are
neither hot nor cold, they are the ones that should
cause us real concern. Therefore you need have no
fear for Marjorie whatever. She will come out all
right in the end. Only a strong soul has such con-
figurations and shows such marked characteristics
in consequence.
Now, for a method of guiding her feet into the
path of well-doing. We have found that it is best to
take no notice of minor delinquencies, those which
may be called offenses, save by occasional advice
such as, "I would not do this or that; no really nice
girls do so and so; and you do not want people to
think that you are not nice." Unless you give lati-
tude to the child and make allowance for the fact
that the vital body is in the course of formation dur-
ing the first seven years, you miss the mark. It is the
vehicle of habit, therefore the child forms one habit
after another, breaking itself of the old ones almost
as rapidly as the new ones are formed.
By bearing this in mind you will escape continu-
al correction of the child, which dulls its respect
when truly important matters are taken up in which
a certain line of conduct must be insisted upon for
its good. When you come to such an issue, it is
important to know what particular thing the child
loves best in food, play, dress, or outdoor liberties.
Then the screw can be put on, gently at first, but
with increasing pressure, until the object at issue is
A growing child should never be deprived of its
meals, but the necessary nourishment can be given
without the delicacies it loves; it is quite legitimate
to apply the "tortures of Tantalus" by placing the
prescribed delicacies on the table and allowing the
child to see mother and father enjoy them and
express their delight while they are eating cake or
honey which is denied to the recalcitrant, until he or
she agrees to do the thing required.
This we have found is one of the most effective
methods of securing obedience. If the child is very
fond of dress, have an ugly frock or suit which it
must wear when disobedient. Then it will not want
to go out among its associates, or if it does they will
very soon find out the cause and with the custom-
ary cruelty of children they will jeer and sneer at the
little culprit who fears that treatment more than
anything that mamma might do. Thus the screw
will very soon pinch it into obedience, resulting
perhaps in a request to have the "naughty-dress"
There are various other methods along the same
line which will suggest themselves to parents. But
such correctives should only be used very infre-
quently and as last resorts or the child will become
hardened to them. In general, the appeal to its love
for the parents, its desire to be well thought of, and
its reason, so far as that can be appealed to, should
be invoked.