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Stevens, in the January-February 2003 Rays, it is
stated that “astrology shows us what and where
we are. It is a sure index to our character. It
reveals our weaknesses and strengths...[I]t clearly
indicates the degree of our moral and spiritual strength.”
I consider it extremely important to realize that
astrology does not show us what and where we are. All
astrology shows us is the forces we have to work with
and the problems we will be confronted with in life.
What we do with these forces and whether we solve
these problems constructively depends on how we
exercise our free will, which is not shown in the horo-
In The Message of the Stars, Chapter 2, Max Heindel
notes that if an astrologer is to accurately read a horo-
scope, he must know the state of spiritual evolution of
the individual. People of different degrees of spiritual
evolution may respond differently to any given set of
astrological forces.
A French astrologer once did an experiment in which
he gathered the horoscopes of a number of imprisoned
criminals and mixed them with the horoscopes of a
number of other people and then asked some
astrologers to tell which were the criminals and which
were the other people. The astrologers were not able to
do so. The reason astrologers were not able to do so is
that for any set of astrological forces, some people may
act as leaves blown in the wind and fall into the poten-
tial pitfalls indicated, and others may exercise their
wisdom and their wills and use the forces constructive-
ly. With the exercise of wisdom and will power, the
problems of life can be solved and the forces in squares
and oppositions can be used as constructively as the
forces in sextiles and trines.
I have known people with mostly sextiles and trines,
and just one or two squares or oppositions, who were
making a mess of their lives. I have known others who
have a great many squares and oppositions who have
gained control of their lives and are living construc-
H. W. Stephens also notes that when the horoscope
shows trouble, the soul “will know that through its
actions in past lives it has accumulated this heavy
karmic debt which must be paid off at some time or
Suppose a child brought some homework home from
school. If the parents see the homework, what conclu-
sions will they draw? Will they assume that the child
failed some test and was given this homework as reme-
dial work? Will they assume that this homework is just
part of the learning process that all the students in the
class have been assigned? Or will they assume that the
child is ahead of the rest of the class and has taken on
some extra work? Obviously, just seeing the homework
is not sufficient to tell the parents the reasons for the
homework, and which assumption is correct.
The horoscope shows the “homework” problems that
we are given to solve in this lifetime. We should not be
making assumptions about whether these are old prob-
lems which we have previously failed to learn or
whether they are new challenges which are helping us
to develop spiritual strength. Only one who has direct-
ly investigated the past lives of an individual can make
any statements about whether the problems he is con-
fronting are old or new.
Also, people need to be careful making statements
about karmic debt. In the postmortem retrospection, all
debts of suffering are paid in full. (The only type of
debts that remain are debts of service.) If, through no
fault of his own in this life time, a person experiences
suffering, possible causes are: 1) The person has some
lesson to learn or some spiritual strength to develop
from this experience or; 2) the person may be torment-
ed by another person who is exercising his free will
beyond any control of the agents of destiny. When this
is the case, the tormenter will suffer for his indiscretion
in purgatory, and the tormenter will also owe the suf-
ferer a debt of service. Without spiritual vision we can-
not tell which of these explanations is applicable or
whether they are both applicable in any given case. Ë
—Elsa Glover
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