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Correspondence Courses


Esoteric Philosophy


The Rosicrucian Cosmos Conception gives a complete outline of the Western Teachings as far as it may be made public at the present time.

 These are not elementary teachings. The aim of the book or the course is not so much to impart information as it is above all else to serve a means for kindling creative thought and bringing about a deepening and expansion of  consciousness.

 Correspondence lessons for home study are available, you may go as quickly or as slowly as you care to. The twenty-three lessons in Esoteric Philosophy are preparatory for the Bible Study ( if you so desire). This course covers the laws of cause and effect, the life cycle of man while in incarnation and also in the heaven worlds, the  days of creation and the grand plan for all mankind.



New Age Bible Interpretation


Have you ever wondered about the real meaning of the Bible? This course based on the seven volumes of the New Age Bible Interpretation by Corinne Heline, and sixty-three lessons of supplemental material, opens up a world of inner depth and meaning behind the symbols in which the Bible is written. It teaches the history of the spiritual evolution of mankind and tells of man's revelation of himself to himself as a spiritual being. This course has the most comprehensive coverage of material ever to be found. As Corinne Heline says, "The Bible is the supreme spiritual textbook of life. It is above all creeds, dogmas and differences in religious beliefs".


These Correspondence Courses are offered on a free will donation basis. This does not mean that they are free. But it does mean that every student is free to place his own evaluation on them and to contribute toward the cost of their production and  distributionand to further expansion as means permit and the heart inclines.


No contribution is so small that it will not be gratefully received and blessed; none so large that it cannot be profitably used in carrying forward the Christed  Teachings of the New Day and in furthering  the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth. Should you decide to become a student, a secretary/teacher is  assigned to you to help guide you through the course.







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