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 Charles Weber Reports on the Appeal Hearing

January 12, 2004

Charles Weber Reports on the Appeal Hearing


The same majority which had accused me of vilifying Max and Augusta Heindel in the illegally held meeting of November 23, 2003, rejected my appeal in the Board Meeting of January 10 , 2004. It was almost a foregone conclusion. I was represented by a good lawyer who was both astonished and frustrated at the majority's close-mindedness and dogmatic intention to realize a predetermined objective--my expulsion from the Grounds.
Twenty-two persons testified on my behalf, including the former President, Allen Edwall, who has known and worked with me for six years; Jean de Galzain, former Esoteric Secretary, who has known me for twenty-five years; Patricia Tinker, a minister of Corinne Heline's New Age Bible Center and teacher at the Fellowship's  Summer Schools; Marie Jose Clerc, past Board member and executive officer; both Ruth (former Chairman of the Board) and Manny (nominee on last year's ballot for Board Members) Winocur; and a number of other persons. Shirley Sharpe, past Board Member and long-time head of the Healing Department and Elizabeth Ray, recently resigned Esoteric Secretary, sent in written testimonies. Gloria Hayes also testified,stating that at an earlier time she had wanted to get rid of me because she was influenced by others. Then she saw what I was trying to do in my Study, the Heindel-Steiner Connection, and came to my office two years later to apologize and say that she realized that my admiration and respect for Heindel never ceased.
Two of the Board Members, Danielle Chavalarias and Virgilio Rodriguez claim they heard me say that the Cosmo comes from Rudolf Steiner in an Executive Council of November 4, 2003. Alexandra Porter, the Spanish Section Head, also claimed she heard me make this  statement,  while Allen Edwall and Madeline Burgess both had no memory of my having made such a statement, a statement which I emphatically and repeatedly denied. Peter Costanza, stated that I had told him in 2000 that Heindel had received the Cosmo from Rudolf Steiner, which I also denied. I have always maintained that I believe Max Heindel when he says in his dedication of the first edition of the Cosmo that he received much valuable information from Steiner, but I  also affirm that the more far-reaching body of Teachings contained in the Cosmo must originate from the Elder Brother, both because Heindel states this and because the Cosmo's has information not otherwise available in the public domain or available without supersensible perception of an advanced degree.

During the long appeal proceedings I read about twenty emails written over the course of the last four years in which I state clearly and definitely that Max Heindel received the teachings from the Elder Brother.

I read many emails from persons and centers testifying both to my pro-Heindel, and pro-Fellowship activities. Many other persons have sent emails and letters testifying to my character and love for Max and the Fellowship. All this, however, fell on deaf ears.
You may be interested to know that the majority had called the Police Department saying that their might be violence at the Fellowship, so there was a sheriff outside the Business Office. Here is guilt and fear working in the minds of those few persons who knew that not only was their action unpopular, but they were projecting their own sense of threat based on doing what they knew was unfair. Witnesses were treated like convicts and not allowed to leave a small room. A sentinel was placed outside the door. Each person who made their testimony had to leave the entire building before another was called. Some witnesses were treated as if they were on trial.
My lawyer read the letter of Paco Nacher to Elizabeth Ray written in December 2002, in which he sought to persuade her to join Danielle Chavalaria and Virgilio Rodriguez as candidates for the new Board so they could purge the Fellowship of Charles Weber, Marie Jose Clerc, Shirley Sharpe, Gloria Hayes, Michael Lissona, Allen Edwall, and "others." Charles was the first of this group, the one who had to go first because he is most active and a candidate for the next Board, and therefore stands in the way of achieving this "housecleaning," which is intended to favor a majority of Hispanic members. In other words, Weber must be expelled, regardless, and no amount of evidence or testimony of his good character will prevent Nacher and Chavalarias from realizing their goal.
This may be the goal of several Board members, but is it the goal of the general membership?  I think not. The Board serves the membership, and not vice versa. I see the majority's decision and objectives, including the reformulated Bylaws, as regressive and contrary to the spirit of the Rosicrucian Fellowship's Teachings and Max Heindel's intentions. 
I am deeply grateful to the many persons who have supported me and the Fellowship's health and integrity,  and I know that in time all will work to benefit the Fellowship's mission.


In Christian Fellowship,
Charles Weber     






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